Indestructible Range

Our indestructible range is just that, INDESTRUCTIBLE. Our clients use our products in their day to day business with great reviews and feedback from customers. Our indestructible range of products are  products that have been field tested and we know they work. We are so confident in these products we offer guarantees on all of them.

Our products comes in a 1 year and life time guarantee because we believe these products durability in the workplace. We are one of very few companies that offer a life time guarantee on our products. We only deal with suppliers who offer guarantees on their products. This ensures you are getting a superior quality product. Put us to the test, we dare you.


No. Code Description
1 1787150 500ml White Flex Dispenser
2 1787222 500ml Black Flex Dispenser
3 SATI08 500ml Satin Flex Dispenser
  • Features foam or liquid refills in one manual dispenser
  • Highest yield of hand washes—up to 3,250 per refill
  • Accurate, adjustable, on-unit dose meter for effective portion control (0.4, 0.65, 1.0 mL target dosage)
  • Superior “clean look” styling improves washroom aesthetics
  • 2 sizes to meet any capacity, space, or installation requirement
  • These soap dispensers do not leak,
  • These soap dispensers do not break

*Money Back guarantee



No. Code Description


Microburst® 3000 LCD Dispenser – White



Microburst® 3000 LCD Dispenser – Black



Microburst® 3000 LCD Dispenser – Satin

  • Microburst® 3000 aerosol odor control systems deliver a cost-effective, programmable solution.
  • Sleek, compact high-performance aerosol system in half the size of standard dispensers.
  • Flexible programming options include 12/24 hours per day and 5, 6, or 7 days per week
  • Proactive display notifies users when to change the refill and battery.
  • Lifetime warranty on Microburst units T’s & C’s Apply . Dispenser is fully programmable, so it only works during office hours.
  • 2 (C) Cell batteries

*Batteries last a minimum of 3 years

*Money Back guarantee



No. Code Description
1 FG750412 1100ml White/White Touchless AutoFoam Soap Dispenser
2 FG750495 1100ml Black/Chrome Touchless AutoFoam Soap Dispenser
3 SATI14 1100ml Satin AutoFoam Touchless Soap Dispenser
  • Provides the highest quality foam soap in an attractive touch-free dispenser
  • Industry-leading battery life of up to 3 years or 120,000 hand washes
  • Touch-free delivery eliminates cross contamination to help reduce the spread of germs
  • Contemporary “clean look” dispenser available in a variety of colour combinations
  • Refill level and battery life indicators
  • ADA compliant force and one-handed operation
  • None of our soap dispensers leak. Lifetime warranty on all soap dispensers. Dispenser is touch free so by far the most hygienic option. T’s & C’s apply.
  • 4 (C) Cell Batteries

*Only Duracell Batteries or Guarantee on product falls away

* Batteries last a minimum of 3 years


Code Description
R050669 Rubbermaid Pulse™ Mop
  • The Rubbermaid PULSE™ mop is the industry’s finest microfibre, user controlled release system
  • The Rubbermaid PULSE™ means more efficient cleaning and lower labour costs
  • Clean more in less time, 750ml of water in the on-board reservoir clean up to 80 square meters
  • The pulse sprays water and chemical onto the floor, allowing for easy mopping with no mess
  • Microfibre mop sleeve: Easy to use, Velcro attached, is bleach safe, colour coded and can be laundered


No. Code Description
1 AF95 Handle
2 TR050840 Bi Power Sleeve Holder



Microfibre Sleeve

  • For large surface cleaning
  • Works well with the Wave break mopping unit + reducer
  • Handle: Aluminium, Lightweight
  • Sleeve Holder: black with a red release button allows the holder to fold when stepped on
  • Sleeve Holder: Non-porous for easy cleaning & fully rotatable
  • Microfibre Sleeve: Attached to the Bi-Power holder by means of flaps and pockets
  • Microfibre Sleeve: Ideal for disinfecting and cleaning large areas
  • Microfibre Sleeve: Bleach safe


Code Description


Wave Break Mopping unit

  • Highly durable mopping unit
  • Has a premium tubular steel and structural web moulded plastic
  • 33L Bucket is easy to remove for cleaning
  • Has a high efficiency down press wringer – can be used as is for a string mop or flat mop
  • To use with a flat mop add a reducer (Code TR050163) (please see illustration below
  • Can be used as a single or double mopping unit
  • To use as a double mopping unit add a dirty water bucket as an optional extra (separates dirty and clean water, easy to remove and clean)
  • Can be used as a mopping unit on all the Rubbermaid janitorial trolleys
  • Available in yellow only


Code Description


Wringer Reducer