Ecozyme is probably the best cleaning product we have come across in some time. In our experience seeing is believing. Let us do a free demo and we will change the way you look at cleaning forever. Ecozyme products are widely used in the following sectors: cleaning, hygiene,

property, hotel, lodge, facilities management, hospitality, laundry, environmental remediation, sewer and wastewater plants, mining, soil stabilisation, road construction, dust suppression, food processing, restaurant, airport, chemical and more.


Code Description
ECO005 Ecozyme Dish Gobbler 5L
ECO006 Ecozyme Dish Gobbler 25L
Dish Gobbler is a very powerful blend of eco-friendly bio-enzyme grease cutting agents with a neutral PH that is soft on the skin. With the awesome power of bio-enzymes,you get the very cleanest dishes and cutlery on even the toughest food stains. Through Competitive Exclusion, Dish Gobbler™keeps dishes clean and free of harmful pathogens for days after washing!


Code Description
ECO003 Ecozyme Scale Gobbler 5L
ECO004 Ecozyme Scale Gobbler 25L
Ecozyme Scale Gobbler™ is a non‐toxic food grade formulation for the quick and effective deep cleaning of extremely dirty environments, slicing though and removing dirt deposits and lime scale with total ease. It is exceptional for brightening stainless steel equipment like vessels, skips, conveyors, utensils and more. It is an excellent general de‐scaler for tanks, pipes, elements,  and heat exchange. It is particularly useful for the removal of fish slime from fish boxes and dried blood from tiled surfaces in abattoirs.


Code Description
ECO001 Ecozyme 50 Gobbler 5L
ECO002 Ecozyme 50 Gobbler 25L
Recommended Applications:

• Contract Cleaning Companies
• Bathrooms, Urinals & Toilets
• Offices & Buildings
• Washroom Odour Eliminator
• Hotels & Hospitality Industry
• Odour Eliminator & Deodoriser
• Shower Deep Cleaner
• Home Cleaner
• Drains & Blocked Pipes
• Portable Toilet Odour Remover
• Pit Toilet Cleaner
• Garbage Bins & Refuse Areas
• Septic Tank Treatment
• Nursery Schools & Schools
• Old Age Homes
• Pet Spills & Odours
• Fly & Mosquito Control